365+1 days of individual plays

The Theater Room

A response to A Room for London Competition


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The Theatre Room has been composed in a series of dramatic sets, each tailored to a specific domestic event. The sets are both intimate and expansive. They are individual but connected by a continuous stage-like gallery providing all with views over the Thames from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Houses of Parliament and beyond. A dynamic spatial experience is achieved, and one that is impossible in typical flats or hotel rooms. The sets are in full colour; natural lighting focused for each role; bespoke fixtures and furniture both familiar and strange; and even a garden. Circulation is through each set, the ones with less regular use are located away from those requiring more. For the more modest inhabitants curtains can be drawn for private moments, whilst for the more ostentatious a cantilevered balcony overlooking Waterloo Bridge beckons.


Sections + Elevation









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